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We organize language courses specifically for teenagers
Courses for companies
Offer for companies with special discounts for larger groups!


You can attend classes every day of the week at any St. Nicolas School location . General courses for adults last from 3 to 6 months depending on the level of language knowledge. Lectures are held in classrooms which are furnished with the latest audio and visual equipment (CD players, TV sets, DVD players, laptops, classroom projectors and interactive boards). The companies whose staff attend our courses can take lectures in their own premises. A group consists of 3-8 students but you can also choose individual classes.

  • New!Zemun
    Zemun 2100-627
  • Zvezdara
    Zvezdara 2455-339
  • blok44
    Block 44 3178-133
  • blok22
    Block 22 3131-338
  • blok70
    Block 70 2157-027
  • Kod Carine
    Near "Carina" 2605-569
  • Bezanijska Kosa
    Bežanijska Kosa 6167-965
  • Konjarnik
    Konjarnik 3475-851
  • Cerak
    Cerak 2318-866
  • Vozdovac
    Voždovac 3910-840



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ST. NICOLAS SCHOOL – This foreign language centre was founded in 1999 aiming to provide an easy and effective way of foreign language learning for a large number and different profiles of people.


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